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Westfield CT Locksmith Store Westfield, CT 860-373-2994If you have misplaced the key by accident, what would you want to do? Replace the entire security system or get rekey the locks and get new keys created? The most logical option is the latter one as it is inexpensive and provides the same results however; entrusting the whole process to a novice is quite an unwise choice. More often than not, due to deficient skill set, they are not able to reconfigure the locks or cut the keys according to the requirements and specifications, therefore look for experienced pros from Westfield CT Locksmith Store as they are one of the best in area to re-key locks with maximum precision.

What does it mean?

People often wonder that reconfiguring locks is a rocket science. Actually, it’s not, but acquiring the skill to execute the task with impeccable finesse definitely is.  As far as rekeying is concerned, it pertains to the change in the mechanism of the lock although superficially the appearance looks same. Once the configuration is modified, suitable keys are created to seamlessly work with the new combination. If you have got lots of locks in the premises and are unsure as to the level of security they provide, re-key locks to reinstate your sense of security.

It’s not that every time you need get rekeying done, but there are a certain situations that might compel home and office owners to do so. They are as follows:

Moving to a new house:

Are you sure that the ex owner doesn’t have the keys to your new house? It is better to be safe than sorry, therefore opt for rekeying and lead a tension-free and hassle-free life. Replacing all the locks is an expensive proposition and you would do well to avoid it when the other alternative is available.

Tenant change:

Ex-tenants might think of settling old scores by barging into your property, so do not discount this factor after eviction. The tenant might still be having the old keys to the locks and would sense an opportunity to gain access to your property, without you even realizing it. The situation can quickly get out of hand, that is why, you need to call us to re-key locks  and ensure full access control.

Divorce/fall outs

The bitterness between people makes them do crazy things and one of them is illegal entry inside the house. You might have had a fall out with a neighbor whom you’d entrusted a spare key to for emergencies. In short, whatever the reason, the implications are grave and the only way to ensure that the home is safe is to re-key  locks .

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